School Improvement in our Schools

Our ambition is for all schools in Finham Park Multi Academy Trust to provide a “World Class” education for their young people – providing them with the time of their lives and ensuring that make strong contributions to the communities and societies they live in – locally, nationally and globally. On their way to becoming “World Class”, each school will be described as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted.

Our School Improvement service is built around professional respect for colleagues and focuses on enabling capacity within organisations. Strategic school improvement planning and Self Evaluation are supported by senior Trust staff, including Ofsted trained individuals. ‘Quality Assurance’ activities engage a range of stakeholders and inform targeted and specialised Quality Support to bring about impact and desired outcomes for young people. This is one of the most exciting opportunities of joining our Trust.

Quality Assurance

Finham Park Multi Academy Trust will support all member schools in developing their own expectations and models of delivery for School Level Quality Assurance processes. These will vary from one school to another and will be decided by the Headteacher.

The Executive Headteacher will support each school in gaining an external perspective of their work by coordinating Multi Academy Trust activities aimed at celebrating what is working well and identifying specific areas for development. These activities currently include

  • Face to face discussion of whole school priorities and analysis of support needs
  • Regular whole school ‘Health Check’ activity twice per annum
  • Increased frequency of Quality Assurance support where this is identified as a development need
  • Business Director meeting with Headteacher every month to review financial management / budget progress etc.
  • ‘Sign off’ of individual school Self Evaluation Form reviews in Autumn & Summer terms
  • Focused visits brokered by Executive Headteacher or Headteacher as required by schools
  • Ofsted preparation & support for Section 5/8 inspection visits
  • Strategic Planning

Quality Support

Finham Park Multi Academy Trust will support many areas of school improvement activity – delivery of support will be via our Central School Improvement Team; services brokered within schools; services brokered by Headteacher and Executive Headteacher from third parties such as Teaching School Alliances; Primary School Improvement Groups; and the Local Authority:

  • Governor development in our dedicated Governor Training Suite at Leigh Court
  • Safeguarding
  • Self Evaluation
  • Strategic planning
  • Leadership of teaching, learning & assessment
  • Leadership level support
  • Subject level support – including assessment moderation activities across schools
  • Behaviour, safety & welfare support
  • School data support
  • SENd & inclusion support
  • Research & Development
  • Continuing Professional Development & career progression
  • Initial Teacher Training
  • Co-construction framework

Additional information and Hyperlinks to Online training will become available on this website over time. Individual school learning portals (FROG etc.) will also be used to highlight and share effective practice.


The Executive Headteacher is also an Ofsted Inspector and other colleagues have received Ofsted training. Regular updates and training will be provided to schools and they will of course receive support in ensuring all staff are familiar with expectations around inspection.

Our Partners

Finham Park Multi Academy Trust is proud to work closely with a wide range of partners. Joining our Trust will also support schools in gaining access to some of our strategic partnerships with other organisations – all of which are focused on ensuring better outcomes and life opportunities for our young people. We are proud to recognise the following partners:

   coventry-university-logo  Coventry City Council  swanalliancelogo  worldclass  Confucius Institute at University College London  The Griffin Teaching School Alliance  International partnerships with schools in the following countries: China; USA; Spain; Africa; Norway; France;