Finham Park School


Chair Mrs Parneet Kang
Vice Chair Mrs Laura Ridley

Parent Governors

Mr Douglas Howat
Mrs Jenny Mclean

Staff Governors

Mr Matthew Amos
Mr Richard Carribine

Co-Opted Governors

Mr Dhiran Vagdia

Governor Responsibilities & Interests

NameStatusAppointedResponsibility/CommitteeArea of ExpertiseInterest (Pecuinary, Business, Governance Roles)
Mr Chris BishopHeadteacher15/10/2017Education
Mrs Parneet KangVice Chair / Co-opt Governor18/03/2015TrainingEducation/ Training
Mrs Laura RidleyVice Chair / Co-opt Governor18/03/2015SafeguardingEducation/ Safeguarding
Mr Douglas HowatParent Governor23/02/2016StandardsStandards
Ms Jenny McleanParent Governor01/05/2019Education/SEND
Mr Matthew AmosStaff Governor26/09/2016Education
Mr Richard CarribineStaff Governor24/09/2019Education
Mr Dhiran VagdiaCo-opted Governor18/03/2015H&SBusiness / H & SDirector Vagdia & Holmes-Chartered Architects- Architect & Construction Business

Meetings attended – 2019 to 2020

GovernorFull Local Governing Body
Mrs Parneet Kang5 of 5
Mrs Jenny McLean5 of 5
Mr Richard Carribine5 of 5
Mr Chris Bishop5 of 5
Mrs Laura Ridley5 of 5
Mr Douglas Howat5 of 5
Mr Matthew Amos5 of 5
Mr Dhiran Vagdia3 of 5

Meetings attended – 2020 to 2021

GovernorFull Local Governing Body
Mrs Parneet Kang
Mrs Jenny McLean
Mr Richard Carribine
Mr Chris Bishop
Mrs Laura Ridley
Mr Douglas Howat
Mr Matthew Amos
Mr Dhiran Vagdia