What Do We Offer To Schools?

Joining Finham Park Multi Academy Trust opens up a wealth of opportunity for your school. 

Our Trust is built on a reputation of delivering educational excellence over many years. 

We are dedicated to working with our School Leaders to co-construct experiences that lead to all our young people being part of a “World Class” education over time. As a Multi Academy Trust, we are committed to supporting the development of Teaching and Learning. We have a 3 year teaching and learning cycle, rooted in action research, which is implemented in all of our schools. 

As a Multi academy trust, colleagues benefit from co-construction, Continuing profession development (CPD) and sharing best practice, all of which impacts positively on the experiences of young people in our Trust. 

 The breadth of school contexts within our Finham Park Multi Academy Trust also adds huge value when we support one another to tackle the challenges faced by all schools in the changing educational environment in the UK.

School Improvement

Our ambition is for all schools in Finham Park Multi Academy Trust to provide a “World Class” education for their young people – providing them with the time of their lives and ensuring that make strong contributions to the communities and societies they live in – locally, nationally and globally. On their way to becoming “World Class”, each school will be described as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted.

Our School Improvement service is built around professional respect for colleagues and focuses on enabling capacity within our organisations. Strategic School Improvement Planning and Self Evaluation are supported by the MAT Senior School Support Leader and the School Improvement Team. ‘Quality Assurance’ activities engage a range of stakeholders and inform targeted and bespoke School Improvement Support  to bring about impact and desired outcomes for young people. This is one of the most exciting opportunities of joining our Trust and we hope you will wish to read more about our model in the ‘School Improvement’ section of this website.

Please contact us for further details or to arrange a conversation with our Senior School Improvement Leader. 

Financial Management

Our Central Team of dedicated experts offer a full service of financial support to all our schools, working closely with the business managers at each site to provide robust financial budgeting and oversight for school finance matters. 

Being part of our Trust offers opportunities to benefit from savings afforded to a larger groups of schools, for services and other purchases. 

We follow the Department for Education’s Academy Trust Handbook to ensure that the public money we are entrusted with is spent as fairly and efficiently as possible, and to the maximum benefit of our students. As a charitable company, we prepare and publishes our accounts each financial year which runs from September through to August.

Please contact us for further details or to arrange a conversation with our Business Director, Mrs Rachel Canning.






Human Resources Management

Our highly qualified team of Human Resources professionals are dedicated to ensuring school leaders are supported all the way from initial stages of academy conversion through to ongoing positive resolution of day to day personnel issues, recruitment and advising on policy.

We offer a full service of Human Resources support for all our schools. Please contact us for further details or to arrange a conversation with our Human Resources Manager, Miss Emily Bench.

Estates Management

Our Estates Management team work with Site Services Teams at our schools to ensure each site is both maintained to a high standard and also benefits from further development over time. Working in collaboration with Health and Safety experts, we can support your schools in their duty of compliance in providing a safe school building that is fit for purpose. 

Finham Park Multi Academy Trust schools benefit from a huge range of specialist facilities across the group and we have enjoyed considerable success in working with partners to secure additional funding, for example from the Education Funding Agency’s Condition Improvement Fund (CIF); this has supported site builds to provide top quality specialist classrooms for Science, Music and Food Technology, dedicated Post 16 workspaces, and maintenance work such as boiler replacement, roof replacement and toilet refurbishment.

We offer a full service of Estate Management support for all our schools. Please contact us for further details or to arrange a conversation with our Head of Estates, Mr David Carter.

IT Services

Our Multi Academy Trust Information Technology (IT) Services Team offer a full range of services from strategic and technical advice to operational support and a dedicated ‘Helpdesk’. Finham Park Multi Academy Trust schools utilise the FROG Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) platform to support our inter-school co-construction activity. These exciting curriculum developments, led by subject specialists from all schools is transforming our approach to sharing pedagogical practice, improving the education for our pupils and reducing workload for teachers.

We currently offer IT support to the following Coventry schools:

  • Finham Primary School
  • Pearl Hyde Primary School
  • Finham Park School
  • Finham Park 2 School
  • Lyng Hall School
  • Whitley Academy
  • Lillington Primary

We offer a full service of IT support for all our schools. Please contact us for further details or to arrange a conversation with our Senior IT Services Manager, Mr Jason Hart.

Insurance & Legal Services

Accurate and reliable legal advice can be vital for school leaders. The peace of mind and reassurance that rapid support from highly qualified legal advisors can bring to a school is immeasurable. To this end all schools in Finham Park Multi Academy Trust will be provided with legal services via a comprehensive Service Level Agreement with a national legal firm. Our current provider is Browne Jacobson – www.brownejacobson.com/education