Finham Primary


Chair Mr Terry Arnett
Vice Chair Mr Krys Jilks


Local Authority Governor

Cllr Gary Crookes

Parent Governors

Mr Krys Jilks

Mrs Kate Dawe

Staff Governors

Mrs Sarah Bracken

Mrs Hannah Schofield

Miss Katie Beale

Co-Opted Governors

Cllr Gary Crookes

Governor Responsibilities & Interests

Name Current role Responsibilites Business & Pecuniary Interests
Mr Richard Machin Headteacher Headteacher No
Mrs Sarah Bracken Deputy Head EYFS, Assessment and SEND Coventry Sports Foundation
Mrs Hannah Schofield Unqualified Teacher Outside Learning No
Miss Katie Beale Teacher History No
Mrs Ann Bush Community Governor Business and Finance No
Mrs Angela Fryer Community Governor SEND, Inclusion and Pupil Premium No
Mr Ivan Vickers Community Governor Finance and Leadership TripPhase Business Solutions
Mr Krys Jilks Parent Governor / Vice Chair Finance No
Mrs Kate Dawe Parent Governor SEND No
Mr Terry Arnett Chair of Governors Inclusion, Policy, School Sport Premium and Health and Safety Andy Blair Sports
Cllr Gary Crookes Co-opted Local Authority Governor Standard Chief Technology Ltd-Web Design, Governor ar St Barts Academy


Meetings attended – September 2016 – July 2017

 Governor  Full Local Governing Body
 Mr Richard Machin  10 of 10
 Mrs Sarah Bracken  10 of 10
 Mrs Hannah Schofield  9 of 10
 Miss Katie Beale  5 of 5
 Mrs Ann Bush  10 of 10
 Mrs Angela Fryer  10 of 10
 Mrs Ivan Vickers  6 of 10
 Mrs Krys Jilks  6 of 10
 Mrs Kate Dawe  7 of 10
 Mr Terry Arnett  8 of 10
 Cllr Gary Crookes  9 of 10


Meetings attended – September 2017 – July 2018

 Governor  Full Local Governing Body
 Mr Richard Machin  5 of 5
 Mrs Sarah Bracken  5 of 5
 Mrs Hannah Schofield  5 of 5
 Miss Katie Beale  5 of 5
 Mrs Ann Bush  5 of 5
 Mrs Angela Fryer  4 of 5
 Mrs Ivan Vickers  4 of 5
 Mrs Krys Jilks  5 of 5
 Mrs Kate Dawe  2 of 5
 Mr Terry Arnett  2 of 5
 Cllr Gary Crookes  2 of 5